NY Yankees Charter?

Anyone know the new charter flight number for the NY Yankees? It appears that they are no longer using COA1908 anymore.

They probably still are, but coming from Washington to Philly, they probably took Amtrak, and again up to NY. They tend to do that along the NE Corridor. We will know for sure, though, when they travel to Cleveland the night of July 2nd.

Or they could have changed to a private jet with the N-number NYYSUX…

Sorry, could’t resist…

That would make sense if we were talking about the Sox. :wink:

True, but it just already fit since it started with an “N”

Therefore, the Yankees plane wouldn’t leave earlier than about 1 AM EDT
on July 3rd for Cleveland for a 7:05 game.

The flight back to NY from Texas is scheduled to EWR this time, not LGA. Is this because of CO or the Yankees?


It seems the Yankees might have taken ATA last night up to Toronto, instead of the usual COA1908. Anyone know why?


George found a way to cut costs as another payment to A-Rod is due :smiley:

Saw in the paper that the Yankees hazed there rookies on this trip to Toronto. From boston.com

From the owner’s manual
The Yankees put a creative spin on what often becomes a needlessly humiliating tradition of hazing a team’s rookies in baseball. Instead of going the conventional route of forcing the kids to wear women’s clothing and parading them through the airport, the Yanks came up with matching wigs, white turtlenecks, blue blazers, and sunglasses in parody of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. The effect was hilarious, and players like Cabrera happily posed for pictures with family and friends as the team boarded the buses taking staff and players to the airport and a flight to Toronto.

Looks like they’re using ATA again for the flight down to Tampa. The flight isn’t showing up here, but it is over on flytecomm:


Why would that flight show up on flytecomm but not on FA?

Anyway, it’s not on flytecomm any more. “Flight information removed 24 hours after landing.”

At the time of that post, it hadn’t departed yet, and I have no idea why it was on one and not the other. It showed up here once it departed, as you can see here.

Well, they’re back to COA1908.