A's to CYYZ?

I wonder who they A’s will use to get to their game in Toronto on Tuesday, Will they use somebody other than PCE? Or will they just fly
to DTW and bus across the border? We will see sometime Monday.

GO REDSOX :laughing: I think Boston flys delta :confused: I know Maribelli did.

I can’t think of any reason why a team would fly to an airport many hours away from their destination. They fly into an airport nearest (time wise or distance wise) nearest the ball park they are playing in.

Thats true because after any series whether you win or loose you just want to get out of there.

No, it’s true because it makes about as much sense to fly to Detroit for a game in Toronto as flying into JFK for a game in Washington, DC!



JHEM so are you saying if a team lost on the road or won on the road they wouldn’t want to get out of there a.s.a.p? i think they would. which means closer airport.

They’d want to get out of there as soon as possible but probably not for the reason you think. Major league baseball, football, etc., is a business. Like any other businessman traveling out of town, all they want to do is go back home or to the next business meeting. (Yes, if you think about it, a ball game is nothing but a business meeting between two entities of a corporation.)

An entertaining business meeting. I agree with the rest about wanting to leave but i still think that they want the fastest way out for all of these reasons.


He took a private Gulfstream on his cross-country trip.

I know that the Yankees flew into CYYZ when they played the Blue Jays, so I would assume other teams would do the same. Doesn’t make much sense flying into DTW.

I just looked your right. :blush: On the news it showed a Delta flight maybe there where just showing a plane at the airport to go with the story. :blush: My Bad Dawg.

I saw a news clip the other day about something going on at LGA, with a nice little video accompanying it. I watched as a DL Tristar passed a TWA bird sitting on the ramp.

Moral of the story? Don’t trust news stock footage. To them an A380 is the same as a Cessna which is the same as a sea gull.

They should fly to Toronto City Centre lol. The ball park is withing walking ditance from there :wink:

And here’s your answer… flightaware.com/live/flight/PCE3308

For some reason I thought Toronto was only 90 or so miles from Detroit.
PCE to CYYZ was the most logical choice if they went. We now know they can.

Why wouldn’t the airport IN the city they’re playing at be the most logical choice?

Even if DTW was only 90 miles from Toronto, it still doesn’t make any sense to fly to DTW rather than CYYZ.

It’s not like Toronto is some podunk town, it’s a world class metropolitan city, not to mention the fact that it’s a much nicer place than Detroit.



on Thursday afternoon, will PCE go to LGA or JFK?

I have no idea, but the flight to keep your eyes on will probably be PCE3309.

:open_mouth: Toronto is nicer than Detroit??? Since when? :unamused:

(The above comment is dripping with sarcasm)

Toronto beats Detroit in the butt :smiley: