Possible Oakland A's charter


PCE 3304 that flew from Oakland to Dallas Love

Wheels up OAK Sun 8:19 PM EDT

Wheels down DAL Sun 11:23 PM EDT.

What do you think?


Makes sense but I don’t know why they wouldn’t go DFW.


Not being a sports fan, I can only venture a guess. DAL is closer to the ballpark that the Dallas team plays at. Besides, it probably cheaper for PCE to land and park at DAL than it is at DFW.

Here’s the link for the flight: flightaware.com/live/flight/PCE3304


Actually DFW wis closer to the Ballpark at Arlington but not by much (3-4 miles). I never realized how far south the stadium is from the airport, and I don’t know where the A’s stay in Dallas, but DAL makes more sense now.

I’m an A’s fan, that’s probably why I care so much.


It is - the A’s flew Pace to MCI as well.



to connect this with the ‘other’ baseball posts, see where the A’s land when they the at Anaheim next week!


It apepars that Pace has a prefix for each team they fly. They increment the number each flight that they take so 3305 takes over where 3304 left off, and the As flight leaving MCI will probably be 3306. I’d love to see a list of these prefixes although I’m sure they’re not published since the only ones I’ve figured out so far are the A’s (with this thread) and the Sacramento Kings.


Long Beach airport from Anaheim to Oakland.


The Yankees used KBED when they flew up to Boston…