Nuuk, Greenland

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, or even lurked, on this part of the site. But I have rediscovered the joy of planespotting…via online live feeds. My favorite one these days is Nuuk (or, in Danish, Godthåb), Greenland (GOH/BGGH). Maybe this will develop into a catchall?

Anyhow, it’s mostly served by Air Greenland, with its main fleet of Dash 8’s, a Beechcraft King Air ambulance, and a few helicopters, all predominately bright red in color with white dots. Very sleek, imho.

What I’m wondering though, is this: about 30 min ago, a black ATR-72 (?) landed. Who runs those? I didn’t get a good enough view of the titles or registration number. Sleek plane, though. Saw a DC-3 the other day, as well.

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One of my favourite aircraft. I’ve got some great pictures of myself in the driving seat of an R4D (50819) at MAAM.

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Maybe Aircraft fleet - Alsie Express ?

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one of them en route across Greenland. Unfortunately not covered by FlightAware :wink:


Frustrating how iFA has its limitations like that (though I’ll admit, i have a free account. I may be missing a ton due to that.) If I were still in the workfoce, that would be a fun airport to work at. It’s no O’Hare, but it has a pleasant buzz and some interesting airplanes.

Thanks, all, for the Alsie tips. Photos of those planes look really sharp in the matte black.

It’s a limitation based on the available feeder out there.

Both cameras taken offline. I wonder the problem. I kind of wish they’d open up comments.