NTSB releases Southwest Airlines 1248 Public Docket Exhibits


ntsb.gov/events/2006/Chicago … efault.htm


Wow!! How ironic is the lengthy discussion between the captain & f.o. about how much runway they need to land in the given conditions?? They even mentioned “going thru the fence” at least once in the conversation, even though this was an hour before landing. Did I understand correctly that this was the first attempt at autobraking for this crew? I believe the cockpit voice recorder overheard them debating w/ themselves over whether they should brake manually, and attempt the autobrake into KLAS. Can’t help but think it was either set wrong, or they misread something somewhere along the way. That would not seem to fare well in court with the impending lawsuit filed by the family of the boy who died in the car.
Thanks for the heads up, Daniel.