SWA2919, 13 October 2006


I was on the frequency yesterday when Southwest 2919 declared an emergency due to failure of their ‘A’ hydraulic system (no fluid light). Everyone handled this in a very professional manner, although it was notable that at some point in the emergency the crewmembers exchanged pilot flying - pilot not flying roles: a different voice started talking. There were 155 souls on board.

It looks like they got going after about a 2 hour delay. I do not know if they repaired the aircraft or brought in a new one.

The track is at http://flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA2919/history/20061013/2133Z/KSLC/KMDW


Jeez, could you make it sound a little more morbid? :open_mouth: That’s disaster speak!!


Thats actually the correct description. That’s how ATC wil ask you if you if you declare an emergency. It is very morbid. Just think how it makes the pilot feel when he/she is trying to deal with the emergency!


Doesn’t sound morbid to me. And, like cfijames says, that’s how the number of people aboard is asked for.
Believe the same term is used for people on ships.


Absolutely correct. First question the USCG asks when you declare an emergency. Second one is "Have you donned your PFDs/life preservers?


I understand that it’s just part of the lingo. I actually did know that. Maybe it’s just that wolpjame is describing a past event that ended without loss of life; it just sounded like he/she was describing a tragic event. No harm done; just noting the “cloud of doom” that encapsulated my thoughts when reading the original post.