Now this is peculiar...


The following airshow team’s website gives the “N#” of one of their CF-104s as N104RB:

However, when attempting to catch up with it in FlightAware:

it presents itself as an entirely different acft altogether to include some very “unimpressive” x-cntry numbers to boot…

Now, as an AD type, I’m familiar with, how should I say, “callsign assumption” techniques but I’ve never seen it on the civ side…

Any takers?


Could it be a typo on the website?

Above link takes me to a Cessna 310.



Might be a typo but I’m guessing not…each of their acft follow the same “104” convention. However, it could still be one letter off or so…


We’ve never seen any aircraft with type ‘F104’. They may be blocked or flying VFR.


so who has the wrong callsign I wonder…did the team type it incorrectly on their site or did the C-301 callsign get entered wrong in the system?

who know…thanks for the reply :wink:



I think I may see JackmanHL’s question.

Just curious, why does the tail number page show a Cessna 310/G at the top of (linked from the above tail number details) it shows an experimental 1962 LOCKHEED CF104D?



War Bird Registry for N104RB’s history.
War Bird Registry to look up all private F-104’s
FAA Registry for N104RB the first N104RB F-104 was destroyed in a crash Photo 1978, and current N104RB Photos noting the photo dates, clearly the C310 is a misfiled registration and/or type on a flight plan.


The registration page shows what’s on the FAA registration.
The flight page shows what the flight plan filer or ATC entered in the flight plan.
Could have been a typo for the tail number or aircraft type.


interesting indeed…thanks for the replies…



We file under numerous military type callsigns, but never use serial#s or N numbers.

For security we do not disclose what the callsigns are/were.


Mike “Bloke” Robinson
Starfighters, Inc.
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Which are the ex- Westinghouse F104’s that were based at Mojave???

I recall there were 3 of them, and back in 1998 all 3 were for sale for 50 Grand USD each. Just wondering if these are the same aircraft, the colors look very familiar.


That Robbreid is a pit bull when it comes to chasing down details…hats off to him.


So who’s using your “N#?!” Fascinanting indeed!


I’d suspect nobody since there is no continuous flight history under the tail number.

As indicated earlier in the thread, everything is pointing to a typographical error when it was entered in the flight plan by the pilot or the ATC controller when receiving the IFR clearance.



Here is what I find fascinating, on the War Bird Registry, I clicked on each known where-abouts of F-104’s and came across this one. … 12652.html

First it states it is in Toronto, well I live here, and I never heard of an F-104 on display??? So I googled the address, a Military College, again, I never heard of??? So, I googled - google earth…and this F-104 is a 15 minute walk from my house???

Guess I’ll find out how the security is at a Canadian Forces Staff College!!!


Excellent Sleuthing!


They don’t list mine either!