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Unusual call sign

Saw this on my FlightAware. Its an unusual callsign as well as an ICAO I cannot find. Appears to have come from Whidbey, but not 100%

Callsign is 0000000 and ICAO is AE662F

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Hey, stuff happens :wink:
I keep seeing TEST1234 around here… But no actual plane is visible.

I think TEST1234 is a ground test. I see one in NYC almost all of the time.

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How about MYSTC 61 ?

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Military Beech most likely Navaid or some other surveillance/patrol

Seems he is fond of using this :wink:


It is probably some sort of test, i guarantee.

My site sees traffic from 4 to 6 TEST1234 sources at all times.

Flight path is next to Andrews AFB, where is the hangar of Air Force One.
I don’t think it’s a test.

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It’s likely one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechcraft_C-12_Huron
Using a tactical callsign of “Mystic” (abbreviated for the Ident field in the transponder).

Also the TEST1234 beacons have been discussed on this forum before. They’re believed to be fixed calibration beacons around major airports; they’re reported all over the country.


Often seen in Australia too.


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I was thinking they were the new P8s that the squadron that just came off deployment may be transitioning to. I cannot find their ICAOs anywhere listed so cannot be sure. Ive seen the same callsign (all 0s) with 2 other ICAOs.

Also, you said C12s, it brings back memories. I was a UC-12B Crew chief at NAS Brunswick for 3 years. Put about 2000 hours in them sitting in the back. We flew with 2 pilots and 1 crew chief up and down the east coast. the UC-12B was the Beech King Are super 200C with cargo door. The new UC-12Js are the 1900. they had UC-12C and UC-12D also based off the 200ACT

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See another one today with AE6791, thats the fourth one with 0000000 callsign but different ICAO. Gotta be new P8s for the squadron that is transitioning to the P8 that came off deployment in October.