Notifications not working properly!!


I am a new registered user of Flight aware. I tracked a flight from Denver to Sacramento that I had to meet on arrival. I was notified of the flight plan filing and departure. I was NOT notified of the delays or arrival even though I had configured all status changes to be sent to my email, text, and pushed to my WP7 phone. The updated changes showed up on the website but only some of the notifications were actually sent (and the ones that worked came through on all three methods as they all should have). As a result I have no confidence in this software. Is there an explanation for this? This looks like just what I was looking for in flight tracking software but it seems to be unreliable. Please help!!




We’re looking into this.


You said you were looking into this. Whay have you found? I have flights comming in today and I have set up all notificians.
Is it working now? Ehen I set up the notifications it doesent look like the settings are saved. If I set them from the mobil app
(WP7) the changes don’t show up on the web and Visa versa. This does not give me confidence that the service is working. I work
with a lot of FBOs and pilots. I would like to be able to recomend this service to them. So far I can’t.


I have a town car service in Reno NV. My drivers and I meet flights everyday, both commercial and executive jets. On many occasions having set up alerts, I receive nothing at all. I also have a problem when a flight has already left from a long distance or has a 2nd sector that comes to RNO later in the day. When trying to set up a new alert for these flights, I constantly get a message saying I cannot set up an alert for a past date. How can today’s date be a past date???


We were unable to find a reason why your arrival alert wasn’t sent.

It looks like your alerts on Sunday worked correctly.

Which version of the WP7 app are you using?

What time of day were you creating the alert?


seems to be a major glitch in your alerts, i suggest removing the feature, till its ready for prime time

mine don’t work at all


I think that would be a disservice to the hundreds of thousands of users receiving alerts.

Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to do with alerts? It appears you’ve set them up for some aircraft that aren’t flying or fly primarily VFR (visual flight rules); as noted in our FAQ we’re only able to track IFR (instrument flight rules) flights.


ya sorry, i guess, i didn’t know there were limitations; so yes my flight/s are international

it seems to track till somewhere off japan then disappear, how would i know if its VFR or not VFR?

i would like to know when the plane lands in honolulu, as that IS in the service area, if that is possible, then i’d need to know how to set up the alerts correctly

i don’t get all the lingo on the settings in the alerts




should i not be getting at least flight arrival notfications in HNL ?


In Japan we can only provide flight status for airline flights based on their flight number. We can track IFR flights arriving in Hawaii, with the exceptions noted in the FAQ (military, some foreign registrations).

The tail numbers you have alerts for don’t appear to be operating near Hawaii or have the capability to reach Hawaii.

Can you tell me more about what aircraft/flights you’re trying to track?