Alerts not sent

I have 3 alerts set for today and have not received any notification.

What time were they supposed to alert you?

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trs878 7:08 am and 7:51am
trs466 9:15am

You need to use ICAO airport codes (KBWI, KMCO, etc) for alerts to work.


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Does anyone know why I didn’t get these divertion alerts for BNA a few days ago?

It’s more helpful to give permanent links for the day in question: instead of just
go to that page and click on the line for the specific date (and time) you want, like this: … /KMHT/KMEM
This example picks out 2009-10-10 (Oct 10) as the specific flight.

With that link, your question is more likely to be answerable, and it will still work a week or more into the future.

I was hoping it wouldn’t take more than a few days to get an answer, before the flights were relegated to the history.

OK, which days? I’m suggesting the ball’s in your court. If you give the dates but leave it to someone else to find the permalinks, they may expire before someone does the work. But you can locate the permalinks yourself for all of those flights within the next half-hour, if you read my previous post and can follow those directions. Then with those permalinks, people will also be more likely to respond to the original question.
Help us help you.

I never got this one either: … /KSEA/KATL

So much for that idea. Im still wondering why those diversion alerts (and many others) were never sent. :frowning:

Good place to check to see if they were sent is under manage alerts which will show you what was sent and if it was successfull. (hopefully I got this link right as my alerts I had expired)

It could be your carrier not delivering the alerts as I experienced in this thread . … 6557#86557

The alerts came in about 2 weeks later.

We’re looking into this issue.

Looked at the past 5 alerts (under Manage Flight Alerts) stretching back to Monday and I am missing the Seattle-Atlanta divert I referenced in my post above that occurred on Tuesday.

thank you. :slight_smile:

Any headway made on this issue? Should it be fixed by now?

Also, is there any way we can get notification of “type” of aircraft when a civil airliner diverts? Right now, we only receive the type information for GA type aircraft.

The alert system is *very *unstable right now, and has been for several weeks.

Among the problems:

All phases of a flight are checked for alert, only certain phases generate an alert. I’ll get an alert saying a certain flight has filed a flight plan to my chosen destination. I may get an alert saying it has departed. I won’t get an alert saying it has arrived.

Email alerts come through, while mobile phone alerts don’t happen at all.

Mobile phone alerts happen sometimes 1.5 hours after the fact (not helpful for someone who wants to head out and take a photo of an arrival).

Alerts occasionally state than an aircraft has arrived 3-4 minutes before it ever touches the ground (or is even in visual range).

Details available if needed.

Alerts have yet again packed up. :angry:

Last alert received 2232z on 13th.

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Looks like they’re flowing this morning.

Nope… I can see several BOEs filed and am still not receiving the email alerts. Could you investigate please Mark thanks. :confused: