Missing alerts on (some) incoming flights


I am curious as to what has changed or is going on with my alerts. I have 2 alerts setup for the A124 series. One to notify me any time an A124 files a flight plan with CYWG as the arrival/destination airport and a second notifying me any time an A124 files a flight plan with CYWG as the departing/source airport.

The problem I’m having not receiving all the arrival notifications. I’m missing quite a few. But not all of them.

I received an arrival notice for Sept 26, and a subsequent departure notice.

However, the last 3 flights, I have only received a departure notice - no arrival notice.

Any thoughts?


For your alerts concerning the A124, you have the following options selected:
Filled Flight Plan

Simply edit the alert, and select the options you would like.


I have the options selected that I’m interested in
Can you tell me why I did not receive a notification for when this flight was scheduled to arrive (for Oct 21)? (I have the notification that it is leaving in a few minutes, but never received the alert that it was coming)


On some international flights, we don’t receive the flight plan until after the flight is already in the air. When that happens, we don’t send out the “Scheduled” alert.


I’m having an issue where NONE of the apple push messages are running through. I have all of the settings set so I get filed, depart, arrive, scheduled arrival, and diverted on apple push and email - I’m getting all of the email alerts, but what happened to the apple push messages :question: Totally just curious.


I looked through the logs and saw 6 push notifications sent to your iPod today for N918VS. Push notifications have been working for me today and I haven’t received any other reports of issues today so it may be possibly be an issue with your iPod or a problem on Apple’s end. Sometimes iPod Touch devices will go to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity and miss push notifications, so that may be the cause.

A few things I’d suggest would be:

  1. Update to the latest app (version 3.2.4 released yesterday) if you haven’t already. This version includes a fix that ensures that push notifications aren’t missed if they are received while the app is in use.
  2. Try logging out and logging back in (this ensures your iPod is properly registered with our servers).

Let us know if you are still having issues after trying these fixes.


I am a total utter genius. I just realized that I do not have my iphone linked for apple push messages (though it says I do on the app.) Now here’s my new question: Can you have two apple devices linked to a single FA account?


When you login on your iPhone it should automatically associate your iPhone with your FlightAware account so you should receive push notifications on both the iPod Touch and iPhone. Right now only your iPod Touch is associated with your FlightAware account.


That’s weird because I’m PRETTY SURE (I could be wrong) that my I am logged onto the FA app on my iphone too…


Your account now shows both devices connected:
Larissa’s iPhone
Larissa’s iPod

Let us know if you still have issues receiving push notifications. Thanks.


I am not receiving alerts either. I have had several alerts setup for a year or more and I have not been alerted twice in the last week for airplanes that I should have. Most recent one is today. It is setup to notify me of any B752 with a destination of KBIL. Right now, FDX378 is a B752 and is enroute from KMEM to KBIL and I have not received any alerts, email or iPhone. I just checked my alert settings and all look correct. Any ideas?


It looks like our notification service had a brief outage over the weekend which likely caused those missed alerts. Please let us know if you continue to see issues.


Still is an an issue. I got alerts for one flight Tuesday afternoon but not in the AM or any since.


Todd, please let us know what days and some of the flights on those days that you were expecting, but did not receive alerts for so we can look into it further.


I have an alert setup for any B752 arriving at KBIL.
I did not get alerts for FDX378 on Sunday, Wednesday or today this week (it is not scheduled on Mondays). I also did not get alerts for FDX1527 yesterday or today. For some reason, FDX1527 did not even show on Flightaware today, but it did arrive.

Update: I added an alert specifically for FDX1527 last night and that is working. Did not get the alert for “any B752” enroute to KBIL.


I’ve also noticed some alerts not going through. I remember in the past there was a (mobile?) page I could go to to check on my alert history, including any errors the service encountered while trying to send alerts out. Is this page still around?

For example, I requested an alert for the following flight. The flight data is accessible at the following link, but I did not receive the requested alerts to my email nor facebook accounts. Curiously, the flight still shows up on my My Alerts page with the notification period listed as “Yesterday”.
flightaware.com/live/flight/DLH7 … /WSSS/EDDF



On Sunday 11/4/2012 and Thursday 11/8/2012 we had intermittent failures on alerts due to technical problems.

trwilson: today 11/13 we show FDX1527 alerts being successfully sent out. Please let us know if there are any other issues.

dictatorjames: That summary page has basically been rolled into the one page flightaware.com/account/manage/notifications that shows what other notifications we have sent you.
Now the problem with the alert that you set up was due to timezone issues, the flight that you linked actually happened yesterday for us in the US but it was the present time for that hemisphere. The parameters for the alert list 11/12/2012 set as the date you wanted alerts for, not today 11/13/2012.


Hi aaraya, thanks for the quick reply! Hmm, I think there is a discrepancy with the site’s display of dates vs times. It may be that the site is correctly displaying flight dep/arr times (in local time for this example) but the date is based on some US time zone. Could the site be configured so that the time and date “time zones” match? (Basically, I’d like to enter the dates/times from my booked flight, and have the correct flight tracked/alerted.)

I like that the site now displays a given time’s time zone (ie: 08:00 MST, CST, etc…). Using UTC across the board is fine by me, but unfortunately it’s a pain to convert air carriers’ flight dep times to UTC when you are often flying from one continent to another.

Gute Nacht :slight_smile:


dictatorjames: Go to flightaware.com/account/manage/ on item #5 “Display Options”, there is a “Time Zone” option, and you can select “Display Flights in Flight’s Timezone” or “Display Flights in My Timezone”


Hi again aaraya,
I currently/alread have the Time Zone option set to “UTC” and “Display Flights In Flight’s Time Zone”. I have another flight alert set up for tonight. I’ll see if it works on this one.