Not receiving certain alerts


I have an alert set up to notify me of all activities associated with my plane. Lately, I have not received the “Filed flight plan” alerts but do receive the departure and arrival ones. This AM I deleted this entire alert and set it up again but have not tested it. Other than that, are there any other ideas? Why would only some alerts go out if all activities are checked?


Which aircraft are you referring to and when did you expect an alert but not receive one? You can private message or email me if you’re not comfortable disclosing these details in public.

FWIW deleting the alert and recreating it is unlikely to solve the problem.


I have had a few alerts fall through the cracks recently too.

What sometimes happens is that I’ll get a text message when a flight plan is filed, and possibly one when the aircraft departs. But the arrival alert doesn’t happen - even though the aircraft has landed, as scheduled, where scheduled.

Any ideas on this?


Which aircraft?


Shown below are 3 examples where the arrival portion of the alert never made it.

In addition, I formerly had an alert set up for all 762’s arriving into KIAD. AA put 762’s into KIAD twice in the two previous weeks, and those alerts did the same thing - I saw the departure out of KLAX, but no arrival.


That’s weird, and I’ve forwarded the details to the alerts team.


It happened again today, so the problem appears to be ongoing.

The flight actually arrived about 3.5 hous ago, but no alert was generated. … /KHEF/KFDK


We figured out the issue (there’s no aircraft type in an arrival message, so triggers that depend on aircraft type won’t fire on an arrival), working on a fix.


FYI, it’s not alerting cancellations either. I found this out the hard way by making a 35 mile trip.

The following flight never took place:

Wednesday 05:09PM EDT WML62 filed a flight plan KDHT -> KFDK

  • Email successfully delivered at 05:09PM EDT (show log)
  • Mobile Email successfully delivered at 05:09PM EDT (show log)


This one’s fixed now and I just saw an arrival alert go out for you on PGN6 which was a result of the revised code. Let me know if you have any additional problems. The changes should work for arrival and cancellation events.