Notifications Unreliable


I have been using notifications/push alerts quite extensively, and I have found that when delays occur they aren’t always reported to the endpoint. For example: … rline-0124

I received the “filed” alert, but the flight was then delayed shortly after (which is reflected on the FlightAware page) and I didn’t receive any “delayed” or “change” alerts.

Also, without any ability to subscribe to the alerts for the inbound aircraft (see my other thread post) there is no way to have a backup.


It would appear that all notifications are currently not working. I see flights being updated on FlightAware, but have not received any notifications (or attempted notifications) to my endpoint. Any way to troubleshoot why this is happening?

Flights that I have an alert set but have not received anything for:


You had a number of alerts between 2013-12-24 23:44:27 UTC and 2013-12-26 22:10:27 UTC that were attempted but your webserver was reporting a redirect code:

Failed during POST with status=ok, ncode=301

Subsequent alert delivery attempts appear to be successful, so I assume you made some corrective action on your server.

Regardless of that problem, I can confirm that no attempted notifications where generated for those alerts. I’m having someone else internally investigate why that might have been the case.


The issue with the first ones I was able to catch (modified the site to redirect to secure), so I updated my endpoint to reflect the direct URL.

Thanks for looking into this.