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Problem with Alerts


A few weeks watching problem with Alerts. Some alerts do not come or come with a big delay.


Which types of alerts are you saying seem to be delayed? I see that your account has received maany different types of alerts (arrival, filed, departure, minutes_out, etc) within the last couple of weeks.

Of all of the ones that were successfully delivered were typically completed in less than 10 seconds from when our system queued them. Some were longer (up to 35 seconds), but that was not typical. There were also 6 alerts that had failed to be delivered due to a timeout reaching your server’s endpoint.


Problem with different alerts. Example: Problem alert ID 29087776. I not receive arrived message. Can you see why alert not delivered? In logs on web servers i not see any inbound connection.


That arrival alert for EZY2909 could not be delivered due to a network timeout, probably on your server side:

     processed      | successful |                             status
2019-03-18 16:55:18 | f          | Failed during POST with status=timeout, ncode=, duration=5175ms


Hmm, thanks, i check my server.