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Not Receiving Push Notifications


Since 23:40 CDT on June 11th, I haven’t received a single push notification from Flightaware. I am able to emulate pushes (using the RESTful Web Service tester built in to PHPStorm and known good push data from a few days ago) and my code works with out any issues. Furthermore, I have completely re-written my endpoint to ensure my code is not the issue. Here is my end point:

Pseudo code: Email me anything sent to the endpoint.

<?php mail('*** my email address ***','Flightaware Endpoint Results',print_r(file_get_contents("php://input"),TRUE)); ?>

In the FA “My Alerts” there’s a “Recently delivered alerts”. This is what I see: docs.google.com/a/kryzaniak.com … p=drivesdk Great, FA claims there’s an issue. But there’s no information about what/when the alert was sent or how they know there was an error.

I am to make API calls, update the endpoint, and create new alerts. Push seem to be the only thing not working.

This is extremely frustrating to debug. (In case anyone else is have this problem, or any problem with the XML API, don’t try contacting FA via live chat. Most unhelpful 45 minutes of my entire life).

Are you still having difficulties receiving alerts? Looking at our logs, the last few days of alerts to your account appear to have been successful.

I updated the endpoint (via RegisterAlertEndpoint) a whole bunch of times and it magically started working again.

Do the logs indicate what might have happened?