we do not receive any flight alerts from FrlightAware


We have a rather critical issue which currently blocks us from releasing the apps. Everything was working fine with the trial API key, but since we’ve transitioned to the paid API key we haven’t received any flight alerts from FlightAware. We’ve called both the RegisterAlertEndpoint and SetAlert (both returned success), but our server has no record of any alert call. The last one we keep a record of is Oct 2nd.

Any help or hint from you would be much appreciated. Should you need more info from us just let me know.

We are looking into the error. We will be in touch soon with some followup.

any news for me regarding this issue??



To (hopefully) help resolving the issue, here’s some more technical data on the topic:

We were using the FW API during the 30 day trial period and everything was working perfectly. Then after we’ve switched to a paid account, although the API still works and returns valid responses, we suddenly get no alert notifications from your side.

We call RegisterAlertEndpoint (with a valid URL address) and then SetAlert for individual flights, none of the calls return failure. I even can see the alerts showing in flightaware.com/account/manage/notifications I can see the notifications failing with error “No body constructed”. Is that something that we cause or can be somehow fixed on our end?

Thanks in advance for any hint as where to go from here.

Okay, I’ve re-associated your push target URL with your new API key instead of the expired one. That might allow alerts to flow again.

Thanks a lot, now everything works as it should.

I think I may be having the same issue. I recently got a new API key and have not received alerts since. I have tried re-setting the endpoint, but still nothing. The error returned is “no body constructed.” Would you be able to look into this for me?



Stephan’s push target URL has also been updated and FlightAware has been sending him FlightXML alerts since.