Receiving no more alerts since upgraded to Premium


We are not getting any alerts back from flightaware since we upgraded to premium today.
Are we supposed to generate a new API key as we changed our plan to Premium ?

Thanks a lot for you reply

The current key should work. I see you should have got an alert today, about 4 hours ago with:
AFR7644 arrivé à LFLL/LYS de LFPG/CDG
It was successfully delivered on our side.


Yes you are right we receives some alerts but not more than 5 alerts in the notifications tab as you can see below.
We have the feeling that despite the PREMIUM plan upgrade yesterday we are still limited to the quota of 5 alerts max which was our previous TRIAL plan quota.

**Alert Type Delivery time
SuccessAFR6107 flight information has changed FlightXML push Wednesday 10:15 CET
SuccessAFR6107 has departed LFBO/TLS for LFPO/ORY FlightXML push Wednesday 10:09 CET
SuccessAFR7451 arrived at LFPO/ORY from LFBP/PUF FlightXML push Wednesday 08:40 CET
SuccessAFR7451 has departed LFBP/PUF for LFPO/ORY FlightXML push Wednesday 07:36 CET
SuccessYou’ve just earned the endorsement on FlightAware! Email Address Wednesday 05:45 CET

Update :
We have chosen to create a new API key and deleted the previous one.
Unfortunatly, we now get errors :
AFR1179 arrivé à LFPG/CDG de LIRN/NAP Show error FlightXML push Wednesday 14:53 CET
We imagine our alerts are still linked to the previous API key;

Your alert endpoint has been updated for the new key. You should be receiving the alerts, and you should not be limited to any number of them.
I see we just delivered an alert so it should be working now.


Thanks, I don’t get the error anymore but in the “Recently delivered alerts” board I ONLY see 5 alerts at a time.
We should get more.

Why is it still limited ?

By “Recently delivered alerts” board do you mean the one that pops under your username?
It looks like we only sent 4 alerts since we registered the new key. So I am not sure why you see 5, maybe a page refresh will help.

I mean the ones you can see at

Recently delivered alerts

Alert Type Delivery time
SuccessWBA877 filed a flight plan EFHK/HEL → LFPG/CDG FlightXML push Wednesday 18:40 CET
SuccessWBA877 has departed EFHK/HEL for LFPG/CDG FlightXML push Wednesday 18:40 CET
SuccessWBA877 has departed EFHK/HEL for LFPG/CDG FlightXML push Wednesday 18:37 CET
SuccessAFR1885 has departed EHAM/AMS for LFPG/CDG FlightXML push Wednesday 17:57 CET
SuccessBEE3045 arrived at LFPO/ORY from EGHI/SOU FlightXML push Wednesday 18:01 CET

Okay, I see now. Indeed that page just shows the most recent 5. But we have actually sent 8 alerts so far I see.
I will try and see if we can show more alerts on that interface. Would you like to see all alerts in the past 24 hours or so?

Yes, we would appreciate to have the past 24 hours alerts list especially as we require to track alerts with accuracy.

For instance, we didn’t get any alert for flight AF1591 that landed an hour ago from now in Paris Charles de Gaulle. ( … #q=AF+1591)
Though, we recorded an alert for this flight this morning.

You should be able to see more alerts and information on this page:
Next week, maybe Tuesday, that page should have an option to see alerts up to 24 hours in the past.
If there are any alerts you are not getting starting today but think you should then let us know.

Thanks for your link.
It helps us to understand that we didn’t get alerts for some flights.
Here is an exemple this morning.

Though we recorded an alert for flight AF 8701 , we haven’t received any alert for it this morning. ( … /KCVG/LFPG)
It was due to arrive at 8:22 CEST (Central Europe Summer Time) :
31-Mar-2016 B763/L N Kentucky Intl (KCVG) Charles de Gaulle/Roissy (CDG / LFPG) 00:46 CEST 08:22 CEST 7:35

We can’t find why we don’t get any alert.
As it is an overnight flight, we may not give the right time when setting the alert.

Any idea ?

In this case the alert was set to have a start date of 31st but the flight departed on the 30th. The system interprets the start and end dates provided as local times for departure/arrival airports respectively. Therefore no alerts were sent.

Thanks, we have modified our code according to your answer.

We have set following parameters in the setAlert call :

  • date_start to date of departure local time
  • end_date to date of arrival local time

In the setAlert documentation it is stated the following for date_end which was a bit confusing :

date_start int optional starting date of alert (in epoch seconds, will be rounded to whole day). Use UTC/GMT to convert the local time at the departure airport to this timestamp.
date_end int optional ending date of alert (in epoch seconds, will be rounded to whole day). Use UTC/GMT to convert the local time at the departure airport to this timestamp.

It should be arrival airport

Sorry, indeed date_start and date_end have to contain departure time at the origin airport. You should get the arrival even if it is not between your date_start and date_end.

In the case of AF 8701, date_start and date_end were 31st, which was a problem as the flight departed on the 30th local time.