Nice Boeing 747-8 flight plan today


Looks like RC523 is making a big 747 over the US today:

It has changed a couple times, but hopefully it completes the plan.


Looks like a giant echa scetch, :smiley:


The Gulfstream 5 a few years ago did a cleaner “G V” than the 747 seems to be doing :slight_smile:


Other “geowriting” flights:

Here’s the G-V permalink: … /KATW/KATW

Here’s the Cessna logo done by a Citation X: … /KICT/KICT


I’ll bet they have wi-fi on that 747 and were tracking their progress on FA


Thanks for posting those. I was looking for them and had not had any luck. Too bad the “747” ended up looking like a 5 year old writing “749” :wink:

I think the Cessna is still my favorite.