Thank you for this discussion. My Grandson, Noah Savitch, age 17 has just received his pilot’s license. I am one proud grandpa!! I would like to get him a completed model or kit of the plane he trained on and now flies, the CESSNA NI9650. I have searched the internet to no avail. I contacted FlightAware and they suggested I join and post. Any help anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Joe Fazio


Do you maybe mean the tail number, N19650? (A tail number is something like a license plate for a plane)
i.e this particular plane:

If so, that plane is a Cessna 172, try searching for that. e.g. here’s a kit:


hello obj, in an age of sending emails to companies that never ever ever get answered, flightaware is an amazing company…well done re helping with the C172 info for this new FA user


thanks so much, my search is on…