How do I report it when an aircraft is mis-identified?

One of the aircraft that I am interested in tracking is N642. It is nominally registered as a McKinnon G-21C Turbo Goose, s/n 1204 (essentially a highly modified Grumman G-21A with two PT6A-27 engines.)

FlightAware’s identification of its owner is correct (Vectored Solutions of Everett, WA) and the photo is correct, but the text identifies it as a “Cessna Skyhawk (piston-single) (C172/A)” and the only recent flight that is listed is between Rockingham Co. and Rowan Co. in North Carolina.

That is WRONG - both the “Cessna” part and the recent flight in NC. As far as I know, the airplane has never been in NC. For the last five or six years, the aircraft has been grounded and out of Annual in Oshkosh, WI. The current owner just recently bought it from the estate of the former owner and has been having it readied for a ferry flight to the Seattle area.

I’m guessing that FlightAware is not handling the short registration number correctly and is confusing it with some variation of N642** where the * are additional characters.

How do I go about reporting this error and having it corrected so that I can track this airplane when if starts flying again?


What happened is the controller put down just 642 rather than the full registration. The FAA registry shows 70 Cessna 172’s with the registration beginning with 642. There are 5 aircraft ending with 642, including one registered in North Carolina (N46642).

Not much FlightAware can do about it.