New Raspberry Pi = new feeder? How do I keep old stats?

My Raspberry Pi was on the way out, so I picked up a new shiney one. I didn’t realize it would start a new feeder with new stats.

For the time being I am spoofing my eth0 mac to keep my stats going, but this is a total hack (and one I would forget months from now).

Is there a way to merge my 2 feeders and keep my old stats going so that I don’t have to spoof my mac address?


Yeah we need to support this. The developer is out this week but I’ll file it and we’ll come up with some kind of solution for letting people splice together their stats when a machine is swapped out or whatever.

How can I have my duplicate feeder site deleted? Site 3643 can be removed from my account.

The MAC address spoofing is working fine to keep my current site stats going.

Hey karl, I suppose one option to be able to migrate to new hardware is to not only use the MAC of the Pi’s eth0, but to maybe also include the MAC of the Pi’s wlan0 for the feeder site.

I use wireless to feed PiAware, and in my case my old Pi died, I just swapped the Wifi USB dongle to the new Pi.

My solution currently is Mac spoofing so PiAware sees my new Pi as the old Pi. It’s a bit of a hassle and something I may forget about in the future.

So using wlan0’s MAC as a supplement MAC ID for the feeder site may be beneficial. Just a thought.

The problem is that many people aren’t using wireless. (I know I’m not).

What would make more sense to me is a generated index key that you could then copy and place on the new device.

Just wondering if anything ever came of this discussion. I tried out a new raspberry pi tonight that I’m hoping to eventually use to set up a new site, and didn’t realize that I’d end up with two sites on my page, one of which isn’t actually active since I switched everything back to Pi #1

Yep me too…old site gone stale, pi now 2nd site.

Why not use a GUID for the site feeder ID. It could manually be entered/changed by a user or randomly generated at first start up. It could be persisted in a simple config file somewhere to allow easy editing if needed.

An extra bonus would be that the GUID has more uniqueness than a MAC address to prevent guessing/spoofing of a site feeder ID.

Was there any resolution to this? I’m trying to do the exact same thing in this thread:


Snap. I’m just putting support for overriding the site ID (= MAC address) into piaware-mutability - you should see new releases in a few minutes.

Awesome! Will I need to modify my /etc/default/piaware-mutability file or will the upgrade add it?

It won’t affect /etc/default/* at all.

Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure piaware-mutability after upgrading - there will be a new question about site ID - put the MAC address you want to use in there.
(The config option actually ends up in /etc/piaware.adept.conf)

Installed and updated, now to wait to see if it works!

As always, thanks!

Any update on this?

Just updated to a pi 2 and would rather see all my stats together rather than split…

I’m curious about this too, but for the opposite reason. I want to move a Pi to a new location and have it start over, not retain the old statistics.

Sorry to engage in thread necromancy, but I’ve just hit this issue too, having upgraded to a Pi2 and I was unable to locate any more recent threads on the topic. Thanks to the tip from the O.P. I have spoofed my old Pi’s MAC as a work-around, but it would be really nice if this could be undone at some point in the future.

Any update on this feature being added, as it seems like quite some time ago that this enhancement request was raised?

Many thanks!

Mine is theel same PI and it has me as a new site.