Site Changes

I’d rather not lose my historics, so can I get one of the FA admins to switch my two sites? I just brought up a new machine that came up as site 5372 in my account, I’d like this to replace my current site 2863 but keeping the 2863 historics/settings. Is that possible?

If they can just be swapped, that would work for me.

We intentionally do not combine separate site stats. Once both are claimed by your user account, you can view both together on the same combined rate graph from your user stats page.

I am turning the first one off and want to keep it’s streak going with the second one (which will then be the only active one on my account).

Disregard, I was able to use the old site MAC address on the new system. You can go ahead and delete site 5372.

For future reference, this is what I was trying to do which sounded like something that would be supported: and I am a bit disappointed that it is not supported yet, as I hate having to make workarounds since eventually they get forgotten.

Okay, I’ve marked 5372 as disabled.

Can you also remove 5464? I guess after you disabled 5372, some replay happened and it reactivated as 5464.

Ok disabled