How to View multiple Sites Associated With My Account

Hi there,
Sorry if this is a newbie question.
I just setup another PiAware and have associated it with my account. The new PiAware is in a different state.
How do I view the stats etc. on this new PiAware ? When I go to my stats page I only see my original site and not the new one and can’t see a way to switch from one to the other.
If I go to the “claim” page, I see both of my PiAware sites linked to my account.
Thanks !

If you are on a different network with different ip address i think that is not possible, but of course I am not sure about, wait for more answers.
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Correct, I have the first one in Florida and the second in California.
I realize you have to be on the same network to see the live data but I thought that the stats should still be viewable.

What happens when you go to the “My ADS-B” link on the flightaware web site? Do you see the sites “buttons” underneath of the map with location of your sites?

Both will appear on the same stats page (you’ll get a tabbed interface when there’s >1 site, see e.g., but it can take a little while for new sites to show up after they start feeding data.

Its been up and running since yesterday but so far I do not see a second tab as I don on the example site you showed me.
Can anybody tell if it is feeding data ? If I can claim it then it must be connected to the network OK.

Your second site is not currently connected or feeding.

Last successful login was at 2016-08-10 02:43:19
Last checkin was at 2016-08-10 02:46:57
There was a failed login attempt (wrong username/password) at 2016-08-10 05:14:05; this will have caused piaware to shut itself down (you need to fix the configuration error and restart it). note that you should almost never have to configure a username/password.

all times UTC

Thanks ! Not sure what is going on there with the configuration as all I changed when setting it up was the “pi” user password from default to something else per the link:

everything else is stock per the downloaded image, except for expanding the file system via raspi-config and enabling wifi via the gui.

I will reflash and see if that helps.

It was trying to log in as “pi” so I think you changed the piaware user/password (which is used to log in to FA, and which you don’t normally have to set) rather than the system’s “pi” user password

AHA ! You might be right ! Then yes that would be my error (oops)
Appreciate you letting me know.