New livery for American Connection?


I know American and American Eagle have already started applying the new livery to their aircraft. Does this also go for American Connection? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


American Connection will disappear, supposedly American Eagle and American Connection are “merging” so call it, and were going to introduce a new name.
Thats all I know, and not 100% sure if it is up to date. :wink:


I don’t know when the Chautauqua contract ends. Depending on its status, these aircraft could be dropped, so there would be no need to repaint them. If they are retained, they’ll get the same American Eagle livery but with small “operated by Chautauqua” notations, like the new Skywest operated American Eagle aircraft.


I thought AA was going to spin off American Eagle . That was what they were saying before they went bankrupt . Did they change their minds ?



Regarding American Connection, I believe that was mainly the brand for flights out of Chicago (or in that region) and will be dropped.


It was the AA-coded flights operated by Chautauqua and previously Trans States. They were originally the former TWE flights out of STL, but as the STL operation declined, it became smaller than the amount of capacity contracted to Chautauqua, so the Chautauqua capacity was shifted to ORD and American Eagle started operating the remaining routes at STL. Since then all the American Eagle flights to STL have been pulled down.

For scheduling reasons, most of the destinations from ORD operated by American Connection/Chautauqua are destinations that only have AA service from ORD (and not DFW, MIA, LGA, or JFK as well) and they also all tend to be fairly short stage lengths.