Will American Connection happen?


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Holy crap you ask a lot of questions! :laughing: How about thanking or at least acknowledging the members who answer your previous posts :wink:

Sorry, i get to curious sometimes! :laughing:

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It’s good to see questions here. I may answer some by stating that a search engine is a good thing while other questions I’ll answer directly.

As far as acknowledging answers: This isn’t something I expect after the fact. It would be good to say “thanks in advance” and not waste forum space with an posting that only says “thanks.” Just my 5 cents worth.

I think an attempt to find the answer out on one’s own would be a reasonable thing… Hell, I knew nothing about Laughlin and it took me one search to figure it out… incessant “why is the sky blue” questions tend to get tiresome… but that’s me…

Your change sir

What do you mean will AmericanConnection happen?

It currently exists. Go to ORD and you will see several AmericanConnection aircraft operated by Chautauqua to various locales around the midwest.

The brand AmericanConnection is going away though. When SkyWest starts flying for AA in a few months, all regional flights will be called American Eagle and the airline American Eagle will be changing its name to something else (which has not yet been announced).

Thanks for the amazing reply, went to ORD and saw tones of AE!! 8)