new American Eagle service-LAX

I was on here trying to see if American Eagle was flying extra aircraft into LAX today to compensate for the new service tomorrow. I couldn’t find anything.
How does an airline add aircraft at a destination so that it can add more service like in this situation?
Just curious!!!

With LAX being such a big airport for American Eagle, they probably have the aircraft scheduled to start the new service after it completes another flight.

What is the new service?

Albuquerque, Boise, El Paso, Houston-Intercontinental, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Tucson --all begins April 5

Even with all of that new service, it’s still just a matter of reshuffling aircraft schedules.

At LAX it’s doubtful they’d fly in an aircraft to start the new service. With all of these cities already on the American Eagle route map they’ll probably reroute an aircraft to the new service. For example, if they had a flight that normally went DFW-ABQ-DFW then that aircraft would go DFW-ABQ-LAX.

They might ferry an aircraft to one of the outstations like ABQ or BOI.

Yes, the aircraft will either be routed to the outstation from DFW or ORD and then on to LAX as a revenue flight or routed to LAX as an extra flight the previous day from an existing outstation.