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Yes that was one of Hendrick’s old planes?

Kevin Harvick flew that aircraft for a couple of years.


I dunno. Looks like a jet registered to Travis Burt from Transportation Impact - could be a private jet or could be leased out to TI. Imagine you are just going by the RP in the callsign?


Kenny Habul / SunEnergy1 - N170DC

75 Express Inc
192 Raceway Drive
Mooresville, NC
President: Kenny Habul

N989SE has been flying the circuit lately out of Davidson County; Just noticed the registration switched over to RCR air recently as well.

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N2RW For sale

Joe Gibbs Racing is selling their Challenger N318JG

Another Challenger Joe Gibbs… N471RG

N500TS Sold

Whose riding around in the new HondaJet 143RP, The King Himself??

Hi NASCAR FlightAware Fans :slight_smile:

I was wondering if I was missing any other NASCAR related planes.
The list of NASCAR related planes I have so far.
Looking for more aircraft to add for the 2021 NASCAR season.

Though the owner/users of N143RP may be race fans and possibly have ties to racing, there doesn’t appear to be any relation to Richard Petty.

I believe N471RJ is an upgrade to N518JG. N518JG appears to have been re-registered as N318JG and sold. I believe (not 100% sure) that N471RJ is in the paint shop and will return as the new N518JG. Hopefully we’ll see soon and hopefully it’s a better livery than the last one.