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Chase Elliott’s N782JS is now flying as N9CE


Tracking it heading up to NHMS right now.

Guess he got tired of us peasants tracking,9ce now blocked haha

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I beleve N426ND registration was changed to N400DH but didn’t find the actual change notice. N426ND hasn’t flown in four weeks and there is no registration for it now.

N518JG Joe Gibbs Racing with additional listed owner of DH11 Inc
N400DH DH11 Inc with additional listed owner of Joe Gibbs Racing

Thanks for all this info guys! Can’t wait to watch some of these flights later this week!


Breaking 340 PM Local time Elizabethton ,TN Airport Dale Earnhart,JR plane has crashed at airport,lots of flames and smoke,but appearantly all got out safely including him,his wife,daughter and pilots.

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Anyone know about Gordon’s? I know he’s pretty much done announcing this year but only # I could find hasn’t flown since 2017. Just curious

I don’t know of any private plane for Jeff Gordon these days. But he (JEFF GORDON INC) does have a share in a NetJets Cessna Citation Latitude – N550QS, sharing it with 17 other entities.

N477GJ registered to MTJ AVIATION is this Truex now? 560mt hasn’t been flying the circuit as much lately either

I don’t know who is flying in what, but N477GJ is definitely registered to MTJ AVIATION LLC (prev X8 AVIATION LLC) with Truex listed as the manager of the LLC

[ Martin L. Truex , Jr. ]
156 Cayuga Drive
Mooresville NC 28117

I’m sure GJ is Truex though. It’s en route back to Statesville from Talladega now.


He launched a charter company a few months back and is using that jet.


Looks like they are using both N477GJ adn N560MT for charter. But you appear to be right about him predominantly using MT for race events. Although GJ was the one at Talledega.

Thanks for digging that up.


Anyone recognize this plane?

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Might be a stretch, but I’m thinking Dale Jr’s new ride might be a Citation XLS+ N38AD. It’s new to KSVH, just took a trip to TX before Christmas, and the tail number makes sense…3 (Sr), 8 (Jr), A (Amy), D (Dale). If so, can’t wait to see the paint scheme. Any further info would be appreciated!


Registration on N38AD just changed from Textron to JRM Air.

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Newman’s flight home

I think Dale Jr. gave him a ride home. That race confirmed why that type of racing is not much fun to participate in or watch.

N900KD sold

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