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Has anyone made a complete list with tail number and driver ?
A complete list with all known sports teams Musicians and notable people would be great to reference.


Is darrell waltrip using Wheels up now days?


500dw is registered to PEYTON HOLDINGS CORP now.


There has been for a while last year a gama jet flying the circuit, makes sense. Have to wait till martinsville to see next.


Tail number N988E has been flying the NASCAR circuit while flying back to Dawsonville… Is this another tail number for Chase? Or maybe Bill? It looks like N924CE has not moved in nearly a month.


twitter.com/chaseelliott/status … 16/photo/1




My buddy works on N924ce, it is getting one new engine right now. Then the one removed will get a rebuild and swapped out for the other engine n the future. N988e is Bill’s Conquest. It recently got a paint job and a new tail number. I forget the old tail number but used to track it. I’m a pilot and get to see Bill and Chase sometimes at the little airport where they have their work done on the small airplanes. Last year, or 2015 I forget, I flew Bill back to his airport in my Mooney and updated the GPS software in the Conquest with Bill. I have a picture of him posing with my bird but don’t see a way to post it here. I’ll admit, it was pretty cool. I’m 55 and Bill was our hero racer back in the day being from Georgia and locate not too far away.
I wonder about N997EA, it may just be hangered in Dawsonville with nothing to do with the Elliott’s. Big airplane for a little runway :slight_smile:


Joey Logano flies on Wheels Up.


Yeah I knew Joey logano used Wheels up; figured this one might be Waltrip going in and out of Nashville on race weekends since 500dw is no more.
Logano always mentions Wheels Up in interviews after a win so I am sure he has some kind of deal with them.


Yep, I see what you’re saying now.


wonder what they flew Almirola home in? N401XR flew from Kansas to Statesville on Sunday; Its a BeechJet registered to Textron





N500N Sold


N54FL For Sale


Looks like he is also selling N276LF



Wonder what they use for Truex’s flights around for the championship media week deal? I’m sure its one of NASCAR’s but just curious if anyone knew what they used…


new N500N


PC12 For Edwards


Victory Air have expanded their fleet to 10 ERJ-145s. Some of their clients appear to include RPM, Team Penske, and Levine Family Racing. Definitely fewer 737 flights out of JQF last year because of Victory Air. Does anyone know who is still flying with Conseaair?