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Nascar Airplanes


New one for B France


Does Rusty Wallace still have a plane? Thanks


new N519JG

NASCAR joins QS family


They now have 7 erj 145’s

5 under victory air
2 under das plane





He was just getting a ride on the 680A Demo.


So GMS Racing have been growing their ERJ-145 fleet during 2016.
Other than their growth in the CWTS and Xfinity series, anyone know why?

And who else flies with them on their planes? Surely there’s some charter space too.

Anyone know where at SVH these planes are based?


Richard Petty selling his Astra/Gulfstream


While there could be some minimal crossover with personnel, Victory Air and GMS have no business relationship. GMS will utilize Victory to travel to/From races along side MANY other teams from All 3 series and manufacturers.


Someone please post the following:

Stewart-Haas drivers, owners, crews, etc…





Coming Home…


Kyle Busch posted this on his instagram. Did he get a Latitude, or was he just bumming a ride with someone else?


Lets go with this one…


Must be nice to be filthy rich…



He got it new in December.


Work hard and you could have one too.


Looks like he now has a Beech 200 turbo prop


reddit.com/r/aviation/comme … each_kdab/

Good photo of 518kb and some others here.


Does anyone have a tail number for Kurt Busch?