N9070N - A320

I was following this flight out of KRME yesterday. Obviously some maintenance being done at the former Griffiss AFB and they took it out for a test.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N907 … /KRME/KRME

Any idea who this aircraft belongs to? faa data base just lists the lease holder and searches on a.net and jp.net come up empty.

Airliner List indicates it was leased to Hellas Jet, in December 2008.

The aircraft was a formerly with Royal Jordanian and LTE International.

This is an all Economy A320, it used to be flown by Air France (very briefly) and then Royal Jordanian Airlines mainly.

Here’s a picture of it:

It was sold back to Wells Fargo. Now it is going to be the first airplane for Hellas Jet as they restart their operations.

04/04/1990 Royal Jordanian Airlines F-OGYB
01/05/2002 Royal Jordanian Airlines JY-AYB Sold 21/12/06
11/06/2007 LTE EC-KFM Returned to lessor 04/2008
01/02/2008 Hellas Jet SX-BVK To enter in service

Basically what damiross said…I just got carried away doing something else and didn’t finish typing… :slight_smile:

The plane might need a little more maintenance… Either that or the pilot was drunk and weaving all over the airways! Not to mention the holding pattern was sloppy at best. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the responses!

From the course and altitude deviations, it looks like the crew got to enjoy the rarity of hand flying the airplane. 8)

A pretty unsteady flight… That’s how i fly with my cessna :stuck_out_tongue: Full manual probably…
This plane is rumored that it will come to Greece for Hellas Jet in 1-2 days, so i guess it should depart from there pretty soon (if not today…)
It might be an acceptance/test flight.

Does anyone have a picture of it now? (or knows someone who might be able to get/have one?)


Rare? I do it all the time. :stuck_out_tongue: J/K I know what you meant! :stuck_out_tongue: