Diversion at KRME?



Pic shows it as a USA3000 A320. Emergency perhaps? Just odd…


flightaware.com/live/flight/N262 … /KRME/KRME

A320 in the pattern! I’d love to do a few touch-n-go’s!


Probably either a training flight or a post maintenance test flight.


No doubt. I need to go check out Griffiss to see what’s doing up there. Might be some fun stuff to watch.


Two big shops there: Premier and MidAir. Lots of stuff comes and goes, even a Super Constellation a couple of years back.


There are a few 747sp’s in various stages of Maintenance/tear down. Lots of Transaero aircraft 744’s also get the big checks done at RME.

Also its the home or NEADS.


DEFINITELY a diversion to Griffiss my next time out on the Thruway! Thanks for the info!