N88ZL : 707 currently in Manchester, NH - any info on who?

Got the usual corporate owner info from the expected sources, but I am hoping someone here can tell me ‘who’ flies around on this restored globe-hopping beauty? List of locations in the photo log is amazing - wonder what it’s doing in lil’ ol MHT?

This is a good one! The plane is registered to Lowa Ltd out of Miami. Doing some checking I found:

“ELIZABETH SUKIE LOWA LTD is in the Services, N.E.C. industry in MIAMI, FL. This company currently has approximately 1 to 5 employees and annual sales of Under $500,000.”

Also at the same address, it shows:

Global Cargo Brokers‎
J & N Express Inc‎
Lowa Limited‎
Meka-Trans Inc‎
Redinter Inc‎
Rock-It Cargo USA LLC‎
Transpro Logistics Inc‎
Xpress Global Systems Inc‎

Really strange on who/whom may own this plane (especially since Lowa Ltd has annual sales under $500k), but doing some reading, it looks as though it’s a choice of rock bands as well as having ties to the CIA! The State of Florida database doesn’t even show Lowa Limited as a business!

I always love a challenge to find out about ownership!

Right, I just saw this plane parked near the Wiggins building at MHT yesterday and it really intrigued me. Looks like its been spotted a lot in Europe (Malta and Austria a lot). Also looks like its the only 707-300b registered in this country. Wow. I’d love to see this one take off. Too bad it’s activity is kept private.

Interesting considering MHT is my home airport. I checked out on line, and this plane gets around


I like this kind od stuff as well. Interesting stops…I have had the chance to handle this a/c at IAD many moons ago, and had seen it taxi past the FX ramp one evening. I know I’ve seen Robin Williams fly in to IAD on it among others, some of the Saudi royals use it from time to time…but if you see an a/c parked mainly during daylight hours and operate under cloak of darkness…and DOESN’T say FedEx Express or UPS…just sayin’ 8) 8)

Who knows it like many other “Companies” might be really “Company” in nature.

Seems like the 707 would be a fairly poor choice for a “company” plane. I’d think something a bit more common would be more appropriate (less memorable to a ground crew, for instance).

DO ANY of us “Really” know which are which and who is who? Depending on the ramp, you’d be right an a/c like this would stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t really know, I was just throwing it out there. I’ve seen “Company” planes…but shhhh don’t tell 8) :wink:

Rock-It Cargo USA LLC‎ transports all kinds of entertainment equipment. Music, movie, television… you name it.

I have had the chance to work with some of their people a few times both here in FL and up north. Very professional, very cool bunch. I think it could be cool to work for them.

i drove by again yesterday and saw this plane undergoing some type of maintenance. later on in the evening they started spinning up the engines as well, so maybe today it’s gone…

Check out this thread: http://discussions.flightaware.com/viewtopic.php?t=566&sid=7fc2c2d801e4d3d2bd4f29db7bd28534

It appears to be affilitaed with the Bon Jovi’s tour according to the article if they are correct

Bon Jovi was chartering it in January 06 when they had the overun at Hamilton.

Don’t know what it’s doing now.

Hey, you don’t *have *to go to those other sites to find a photo of that aircraft! :astonished:


It was in Jeddah as of midnight last night.

MAYBE one of the Royal family was chartering it OR MAYBE it IS on a “Company” mission :wink: 8)

…oh damn gotta go black Suburbans just pulled up 8) 8)

NO they didn’t - they’re all in LA at the Staples Center.

:stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done some work for this aircraft and I got to talking to the captain of that flight one day and he explained to me that the aircraft is owned by the owner of Rock-It cargo in conjunction with a few other people, but it’s mainly him.

I notice that Elizabth Sukie (named in ELIZABETH SUKIE LOWA LTD) is also linked with Sukie’s Aviation Consultant, Inc. who’s other principal is Jodelle Pamphile. I’m still seeing where Jodelle Pamphil will eventually lead me…lol

The 707, N88ZL, is at this time on the transit ramp at Lexington, Ky. It was on the cargo ramp at 0930 this morning, then moved to the other ramp about 1030, after a 757, N757MD, departed. 88zl is bering worked on, the cowling on #2 is off. It is in very nice shape for an old bird.
I work at the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, and we get to see some strange goings-on from time to time. We get some very interesting visitors, also.

This is what I am showing on this aircraft…

Registered as Owner - Lowa, Ltd. out of Miami
Owner - DB Air, Inc. out of Huntingdon Valley, PA
Operator - Principal Air Services, LLC out of Huntingdon Valley, PA.
Additional Company/Contact - Rock-It Cargo USA, Inc. out of Huntingdon Valley, PA.

All of these companies are all owned by the same principle. I do have some interior photos if you interested PM me off line.