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What ever happened to N88LZ private B707-330B


What ever happened to N88LZ privately owned B707-330B?
last I saw it on airliners.net its parked in FL
does Lowa LTD still own it?

I remember Bon Jovi flew on it in 2006 for his tour
it overran the runway at CYHM in Jan 2006
such a beautiful bird, hope it dosent get scrapped




N88ZL is still registered to Lowa, the registration was renewed in February according to the FAA registry.


thankyou for that information…
rare bird to see flying…hope to see it again soon


Yeah, it’s a beauty.


Last I saw it was sitting in Opa Locka in desperate need of a wash.


It is airworthy but major checks are due = I saw an article somewhere = basically it said the owner would update all the checks if he could find work for the plane - that was about a year ago - if I come across it I will post it.