Very impressive looking all white 757 - sitting at FBO at Reno Tahoe Intl - Large Letters on tail “COMCO”


A bunch of very impressive pics are here:


That plane has been around the world. FA shows the tail number goes with “L-3”. L-3 Communications is a contactor to the Defense Dept. for electronics communications testing. Now, I bet you’d be really impressed if you could get to see the interior of that baby.

Yea - I saw that other one - this one also supposedly was forced down by the Indian Air Force back in 2003 for an air space violation - kinda interesting who might actually be operating this thing - it has all the windows like its a passenger plane but I know that don’t necessairly mean anything - Airlines Net has some pictures of this one too if you search by the tail number.

I think one of the more “fun” things to do here is see what you can find out about the ‘operator’ of an aircraft. Sometimes, like the Phoenix Suns logo you posted earlier, you find interesting info. More often there’s nothing to be found. For many planes, the “operator” is actually the finance company, lien holder, or leasor. A ‘Wilmington, DE’ location is a good clue of that. Sometimes, though, like for ‘Bank of America’ local to the airport city, I have no idea whether a plane is flying on bank business or if the bank simply holds the lien of a customer.

L-3 (for the COMCO plane) was the subject of another forum topic. Search for ‘L-3’ and ‘North Island’. You might find them also under an Area 51 (NV) discussion.

A side question: Did you edit your initial post here to add the tail number to the Topic title? I don’t recall seeing it initially. In another topic, there was a discussion of whether a Topic title could be edited by changing the ‘Subject’ of the initial post. It seems that it can be done that way.

Sheesh - dont remember - I pretty sure I replied to it and then just typed the subject in - - I didnt put anything in subject in this reply - will see what happens

My question was with reference to your very first posting. That’s the one the transfers ‘Subject’ to the Discussions Forum Index.

I didn’t recall seeing a tail number in the Topic name the first time I replied to you, which is why I ultimately discussed a different plane from what is now in the Topic title.

OK - I see what you mean now - yes it was in there on the first post

Thanks, Joe. I can spot a plane moving silently overhead at 41,000 feet, but I can’t read the topic correctly that’s sitting right in front of my nose. :laughing:

Sorry to bump a very old thread but I have this COMCO aircraft sitting a few hundred feet away from me at KRDU. It is sitting off 5R/23L across from the Landmark Aviation building.

Here are a few pics I was able to take of it:


Sorry I couldn’t get any closer but found this thread while searching about the background of this interesting bird.


Comco N610G was at ORF on Jun 27th. Lots of people onboard. It departed an hour or two after arriving. Must’ve went to RDU.

n357rl and two other b-200 came through kday a while back registered to L-3 comm.

This same airplane is at the cargo area at the airport in Eugene, OR. My husband’s a pilot and had me do a search on it. Definitely caught his attention.

Adding to the confusion… http://cgibin.rcn.com/jeremy.k/cgi-bin/gzUsafSearch.pl?target=&content=C-32B

Just seen N610G over Oneida Lake (North of Syracuse NY) at about 7500 ft…

N610G spotted at FBO Signature Flight Services, Palm Springs International. Friday Jan 6. Departed 1300 local.

COMCO is owned by L3Capital LLC. They are real estate investment firm of first tier U.S. Metro markets.

Wrong answer, but good try.

It is L-3, not L3, that is the registered owner. That dash makes a big difference.

L3 Capital is a real estate firm based in Chicago. But they are not the registered owner.

L-3 Capital of Helena, Montana is a shell company. The address given on the registration is a law office that is used as a cutout. This is standard practice for aircraft operated by government agencies, covert and non-covert.

L-3 is also defense industry mega-company. They are involved in cyber security, ISR , command and control systems, aircraft operation and maintenance, space systems, communications, etc, etc, etc…

This aircraft has been seen in hotspots around the world and has been tied to CIA among other gov’t groups.

And now the men in the black Suburbans will show up… :wink:

COMCO N226G sitting at the west cargo area, KSAT, Feb.7,2012 http://www.emotty.com/images/emoticons/907.png
flightaware.com/photos/view/2417 … ate/page/1

Just saw this plane yesterday 6.2.12 land at MSP in the afternoon. It did not pull up to the gate, but went to another part of the airport. I did not get the number, but just COMCO on the tail. Interesting…

N610G is on the tarmac at KRNO(Reno) today 09/02/12.

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