Boeing 757-200 N226G Comco


I saw this aircraft at KRDU 2 days ago. I do not have a pic right now as I cannot find my transfer cord for my camera. It was solid white with just the tail number on the rear fuselage and the word Comco on the tail, parallel to the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer. Was wondering if anyone knew what it is used for, and who operates it. I would assume some company named Comco, but when I looked that up I got results for about 6 or 7 different companies with that name. Can someone help me out here please?



Did you check the Web sites for those 6 or 7 hits and see if any of the logos resemble or match what was painted on the tail? I noticed a couple of the companies use capitalize the Cs (ComCo) and some use all caps (COMCO), while others only capitalize the first C (Comco). This might help narrow the field. Then look at what some of the companies do… would they really NEED a 757 to get around? Does it look like they’re big enough to afford a 757?

My bet would be on Mark Andy. Looks like they’re a global company. I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time).


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I beleive it belongs to 3Com, they also have N601G,N610G both also are 757’s, but have also heard they are doing something for the CIA.


SPOOK FLIGHT, seen world wide where ever CNN might not be yet. :wink:


Ok, well I will put the pics up later, but here is the video of the takeoff I got…


Finally got my photos of this aircraft…



These things run spook flights. “Comco” is a fake government front company.

This seems to be the most accepted description of their activites:

Description of program or activity: Provides transport capability to the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) through use of two C-32B (Boeing 757-200) aircraft. The U.S. Air Force supports worldwide operations to select U.S. government agencies on the recommendation of the Deputies Committee and approval by the Secretary of Defense.

They have self-contained air stairs at the L1 door and therefore can load/unload passengers anywhere without needing a gate.