FEDEX retiring their B757 fleet already...


Just kidding of course…Boeing727


Looking at the route of the aircraft (Shannon - Bangor - Victorville), I would say this is a military charter. There are many military bases in the Victorville area.

Bangor to Victorville
Shannon to Bangor


A military charter cargo flight? Didn’t know that they had those.

I saw this flight too before I saw this post. Has FDX put the 757 in regular service yet? I thought that maybe this was a recently purchased 757 that is going for some sort of servicing at VCV.


Could be maintenance or paint releated? VCV has a couple of maintenance companies on the field. DAL parked a 757 (ship 612) at VCV yesterday.


has anyone thought that maybe it’s PEAK season for the freight dawgs and they put a few 727’s on line to help?
That’s my thought


The OP’s username is Boeing727. This thread is about 757s. :wink:
(it had me a little confused for a moment too…)


FedEx operates many military cargo charters as part of CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet).


From the link above

Leading Edge Aviation Services

**Aircraft Painting - B777 and Smaller **

Fuel Systems

It strikes me as odd the wording of the bold print ( my emphasis ). Thats basically all aircraft with very few exceptions. Am I wrong?


Pretty much, but no 747s or A380s.


Below is some more from that link, and it includes the 747. IMHO whoever made the web page assumes a 777 is bigger than a 747 because it is a bigger number

New State Of The Art Hangers
SCLA recently completed construction on four new state-of-the-art aircraft hangars which include:

83,500-square-foot hangar: The hangar is leased to Leading Edge Aviation Company to paint large wide-body aircraft including the B747 and B777.


Hmmmmmmm… How 'bout that. They could lose a lot of business with such a simple, little mistake like that.


I did not know that. I wonder why the overnight in Bangor? Crew rest?


I say that’s probably right. With the 757 being a new aircraft in the FedEx fleet, they probably don’t have that many crews available to fly the aircraft so it would make sense to have the same crew for the entire flight from wherever the flight originated to Victorville.


It could be MX related…as stated above or a newly purchased jet with the RR’s coming in to the fleet…maybe…not sure. I know we now have at least 3 to 4 in service right now, IAD/DCA, RNO, BHM(I think) :confused: …they are pretty good so far. They never tell any of us when and if new jets are coming to get the “Cargo” makeover. If I hear anything I’ll post later about it.


Another 757 for FDX. Ex Monarch Airlines bird, G-MONE registered as N956FD and now at Mobile BFM for cargo conversion and paint.


how many 757s do they have so far, and how could I see what their normal routes are?


I think we have 6…Dami…you know the correct site to look this info up on?! :wink:

As for routes we get the MEM-DCA-IAD-MEM loop.
There is also MEM-RNO, BHM

I would say look at the KMEM airport info and scroll the flights…I could do it and get back to ya later.


According to the FAA Registry, there re 20 757s registered to FedEx. This doesn’t mean all 20 are currently online.



starting in feb fdx will have a bdl 757 as indys first night sort offload and onload. (besides memphis one which is heartland in indy)


I was rereading this…and I remember hearing that some day the B757 will be placed on routes currently serviced with the B727…but I’m going to bet others knew that already? :slight_smile: