B752 enroute KJAX-KVCV

Noticed this private B752 flying flightaware.com/live/flight/N740PA Press flight maybe?

This is a 757 operated by Primiras Airlines and operated by the airlines Santa Barbara and Constellations.

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My guess is that it is going to VCV for storage or maintenance in between assignments.

I noticed quite a bit of airline traffic in and out of KVCV lately…Would they ALL be related to maint/storage, or is there some kind of special event requiring charters, possibly military? I see quite a few flights out of Ft Hood.

It appears that some airlines base their aircraft at VCV in between military charters. AMT is one and I’ve seen several SPA do it, too.

Right…But I saw some SWA flights in and out of there too. And as far as I can see, Southwest doesn’t store anything, they just start another new route…or retire an old -300.

KVCV, Southern California Logistics Airport, the former George AFB, has facilities and several businesses that perform aircraft heavy maintenance, conversions, painting, storage, and disassembly. I’m guessing that the SWA flights in there are retirements or painting, as there is no scheduled airline service whatsoever at VCV. There are grandiose plans to turn that airport into an international cargo, aircraft logistics, and industrial complex. Check it out HERE

There’s also a few military training areas around VCV that could account for charters into VCV. I know the army has a large desert training area as does the Navy.

A lot of them are military charters into kcvc from various bases across the us,for instance troops being deployed are flown into KVCV for re-training and briefing before being deployed to various locations around the world.Ive seen flights from Fort Benning(KLSF),Hunter AAF(KSVN) and others into their,also ANT-124 flew the helicopters cross country for the Hunter AAF guys right before they got deployed somewhere.

There’s an Army training area here and frequently we’ll see Southwest, Miami, Champion and ValueJet in here then a week or two later they come back and return the troops to where ever they came from, usually mid west and east coast.