ALB-LAW? Southwest doing a military charter?


I can’t figure out what this flight is for.


Location of beautiful Fort Sill

The permanent link for this flight is … /KALB/KLAW

The flight out of LAW is going to PHX SWA8655. This is more than likely a repositioning flight not carrying any passengers.


I think you’ll find Southwest doing military charters pretty much all across the country. Current flight numbers seem to be in the 73xx series.

In addition to the Albany, NY flight into Lawton, there’s another one coming in from Islip, NY.

It seems most of these charters are going to and from Army soldier training facilities, like Ft. Sill at Lawton, Ok, Ft. Polk at Alexandria, La, Ft. Hood, Tx., and Ft. Irwin, Ca. near Barstow. KLAW/KAEX/KGRK/KVCV [not sure if KVCV is correct, but it’s the Southern California Logistics Airport, at old George AFB.] These places have regular training cycles where troops come in from all across the country.

You’ll also see Air Force charters into bases like Travis, Barksdale, Nellis, Davis-Monthan, Offutt, Mountain Home, what have you, and to Navy and Marine Corps facilities at Norfolk NAS, El Centro NAF, Beaufort, SC and others. Sometimes there is a transcon from Travis to Norfolk. Rather extensive operation.


KVCV is correct for Ft Irwin. Most large military charters for that area use KVCV. KDAG is closer but il-equiped for that traffic.


Is China Lake (KNID) any closer to Ft Irwin?

Also, I’ve seen Southwest at North Island (KNZY), Took off at like 3am a few months ago. Could also have been a non-military charter that went to North Island to avoid the curfew at KSAN (Very rare, but it has happened).


I see SWA charters (and others like Airtran, Sun Country and Miami) in here for military training.


Lots of military charters flying around right now.

These are the charters into Fort Polk just for last weekend: