Who is Comco?


Judging by the flight history, it looks like the aviation equivilent of the NAPA Auto parts guy.


At work right now and not on my computer so I don’t have all my links at hand. I’m sure other can help with this one.


Doing a really-so-easy-anyone-could-do-it-search-on-Google for Comco, I found the following (among others)



thanks damiross, found it all after I posted. I would have to bet that the 757 does not belong to either of your posted sites.


COMCO 757’s (N226G, N610G) usually just do mundane corporate shuttle work for larger DoD contractors (Boeing, L-3, Raytheon etc) as they are “within the circle of trust” and have a proven history of operating with the required levels of discretion.

The corporate relationships are obfuscated, probably deliberately. The planes are actually registered to a law firm in Montana which happens to “share” the same address as L-3 inc.

I’ve said too much already :open_mouth:


The owner is listed as L-3 CAPITAL LLC.

Doesn’t sound like much of a national security obfuscation to me.


comco-aviation.com used to be the site. Looks like it no longer is on the web. COMCO was Communication Certification Company. You can no longer track N226G or N610G. They sure burned up the fuel in their world travels.