N50DS Global Express hits perimeter fence on landing....


Global 5000 Lands Short of Runway

Incident occured on Dec 12/07.Flightaware and FAA Registry .

N50DS, a Bombardier Global 5000, landed short of a runway in the Caribbean islands on December 12 and sustained damage after hitting an airport perimeter fence. Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority flight ops inspector Paul Delisle told AIN that the incident occurred at Vance W. Armory Airport on the island of Nevis and said there were no injuries to crew or passengers. At press time, a spokesman for the FAA said the owner of the airplane, Tampa, Fla.-based First Southeast Aviation, had not yet notified the FAA of the incident although the company is required to do so because the airplane is registered in the U.S.


This aircraft flew this weekend from OCF to LIMJ. Which caught my eye. Then I started researching the n-number. With the accident happening in December did it get repaired that quickly or is this a new aircraft for them?


aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=825 N50DS

Just confirming this is the same aircraft. It was registered to The Aero Toy Store, who leased it back to Bombardier as a Demo aircraft, which was displayed at EBACE 2005 as N140AE.

It was sold to its current operator, First Southeast Aviation in April 06, and re-registered N50DS in May 07.

Here are photos of N50DS on a Learjet, a Challenger, and current Global.
planepictures.net/netsearch4 … &stype=reg