N535GA Paul Allan's New Gulfstream GV-SP runway over run . .


Ohhh Noooooo - as posted in the squaks - N535GA a brand spanking new Gulfstream G550 owned by Paul Allen over ran runway ‘29’ at Outagamie County Regional Airport.

Runway was 6,500 feet and aircraft ended up in a field which makes up a 1,000’ over run area - using up most of the room!!!, stopping short of a nice drop off, perimeter fence, and roadway!!!

As mentioned in the squaks - aircrafts starboard thrust bucket remained deployed, and port stowed - if or what affect that had on the accident we’ll eventually learn.

Paul Allen lost his EC145 helicopter on Jan 31 in Argentina - it took off - off the back of his yacht ‘Octopussy’ - struck a cable and made an emergency landing in the ocean. N245AF.

No one was injured - but rescue crews who towed the helicopter which was floating on emergency rotation devices - rolled the helicopter over and it was completely submerged. So the pilot saved it, and the over reactive rescuers probably wrecked it!!!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwjIGzp_dSc) Jan 31/11 EC145 N245AF Ushuaia, Argentina


As for the Gulfstream GV-SP (G550) it was substantially damaged, it went off the end or runway ‘29’.



flightaware.com/live/flight/GLF1 … /KATW/KATW

is there a completion center at KATW? N535GA last trip was from KSAV-KATW 12 weeks ago



Gulfstream KATW




Both aircraft were brand new. The G550 less than a month and N245AF less than 6 months.

What a shame, regardless of the owner.


Well, I was going to joke that he’d have to slum it around on his ‘old’ Global Express which was built way back in 1999!!!, only when I just checked the FAA Registry - the same day as the Gulfstream above - he just registered a brand new Global Express N726AF - registered Feb 15/2011.

Guess he couldn’t decide between the Guflstream and the Global - so he got one of each!!


Both he and Bill are both huge Bombardier fliers. Bill just got a new Global as well and his is currently on the market, though he owns another that is not on sale and a challenger in addition to his helicopters.

controller.com/listingsdetai … 172203.htm?


Gates Fleet

Allen’s warbirds

Allen’s Corporate fleet


Being reported as a hydraulic failure.

That would explain the open bucket - which would require hydraulic pressure to close - I’ve seen the same result in a Hawker.


Yeah bill owns 3 globals, I believe the one that he is selling is in for a pre buy right now. I have worked on all of his globals and his challenger. As well as paul allens older global, it has one of my favorite interior setups of any global out there. It utilizes more space kind of like ted turner did w/ his 605. Not to add further insult to injury there but there was an unpublished incident that occurred to his global during an inspection. I cannot go any further into detail but when i heard about his helicopter and now his 550? Talk about bad luck man.


Anybody know what happened to N531af that Vulcan used to operate? It’s no longer registered to Vulcan but still the same tail #?


It is still their aircraft, it was leased from Citicorp for 10 years, then the aircraft was transferred to Colonial Pacific Leasing Corporation - and the lease was extended, currently leased to and operated by Vulcan Flight Management.


Thanks. I wonder if the new GLEX and the G550 mean the older GV will be up for sale soon?


Any color on whether or not this is true?

luxurylaunches.com/celebriti … illion.php


From UPI:
Donald Trump buys 757 jet


It’s been widely reported and the aircraft registration agrees.


Actually the Trump organization bought it from DJT - it has been operated by TAG since last summer - however it is one of two private Boeing 757’s that Paul Allen sold off last year. Aircraft currently at Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (Brunswick, GA) KBQK aircraft is being painted in Trump color scheme (same as B727) with winglets added. Guess if he runs for President maybe it’ll remain US registered - if not it’ll most likely be registered off shore like the B727 VP-BDJ.

First Flight May 21 1991 serial number 25155 N757AF

delivered to . . . . . . Sterling Airways (Denmark) as OY-SHA on June 7 1991
leased to . . . . . . . . TAESA (Mexico) as XA-SPG on July 6 1994
sold to . . . . . . . . . . Vulcan Northwest VIP (Paul Allen) as N115FS March 30 1995
reregistered . . . . . (Paul Allen) as N757AF on July 1996
and transferred to . Vulcan Aircraft Inc (Paul Allen) December 12 2003
sold to . . . . . . . . . . DJT OPERATIONS I LLC and operated by TAG Air August 25 2010
sold to . . . . . . . . . . Trump hasn’t been officially transferred on the register as yet.


Isn’t “DJT Operations” a part of Donald J. Trump’s organization?


Well - that’s so obvious I missed it!!!

I was under the impression he just bought it - so it was actually sold last summer - talk about old news!

I was waiting for it to change on the register - considering it’s having all kinds of work done on it.

There was actually an Embraer 145 registered under that name about four years ago??? Hmmm.