NTSB safety recommendation RE; N370V CL60 accident TEB . . .

The US National Transportation Safety Board recommended on Monday that Bombardier revise the reference book for its Challenger 600 planes to include more detailed instructions for takeoff.

The recommendation to regulator Transport Canada follows an investigation into a February 2005 incident, in which a Challenger jet ran off a runway at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, while attempting to take off.

The plane crashed through an airport fence and crossed a six-lane highway before hitting a building. Both pilots and two passengers were seriously injured.

Accident Report from Feb 2/05

Reuters News Story July 21/08

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The recommendation linked above refers to a ground collision at Opa Locka.

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Update to the story . . . Nov 24/2009

Captain now faces Federal charges . . .

NEWARK, N.J. – The captain of a charter jet that crashed on takeoff at a New Jersey airport in 2005 has been indicted on charges of fraud and lying to investigators.

An indictment released Tuesday accuses John Kimberling on being part of a conspiracy with the owners of Platinum Jet Management to operate the charter service without proper certification. Company officials have been charged with falsifying paperwork to show the planes carried less weight than they actually did.

Prosecutors say the overloading of fuel contributed to the February 2005 crash at Teterboro Airport. The plane went through a fence, across a busy intersection and into a warehouse, injuring about 20 people.

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Your building scratched my airplane.

Look at the car wedged between the plane (assume the wing) and the building.

from diamondpilot blog

Looks like a pick up truck went thru the wall as well!!!

Exciting from your Challenger business jet inside the building;

Priceless . . .