AVANTAIR flight in near miss! from AVWEB

Avantair Crew Prevents Collision At TEB
On Sunday at about 1:20 p.m., the crew of an Avantair Piaggio Avanti P.180 took evasive action during takeoff from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, averting certain disaster. According to an NTSB preliminary report, the tower controller cleared the twin turboprop (N152SL, operating as Avantair Flight 152) to take off on Runway 24 and seconds later cleared a Cirrus SR22 (N6026K) for takeoff on intersecting Runway 19. The NTSB said the crew of the fractional Avanti saw the Cirrus during their departure roll and applied maximum braking, which blew out two of the twin turboprop’s tires but slowed the airplane enough to avoid a collision by a mere 50 feet. N512SL eventually came to rest in the intersection, just after the Cirrus safely crossed. According to the NTSB report, “The tower controller stated that he did not see the incursion, so he did not cancel either takeoff clearance.” There were three people in the tower cab – the tower/controller-in charge and two “developmental controllers” who were working clearance delivery – while one controller was on break. The NTSB said the two developmental controllers were faced away from the front of the cab and did not see the event. VMC prevailed during the incident, with a clear sky and 10 miles of visibility

When I saw the headline I was going to make a crack about another member of this forum.

I think the developmental label can be applied to the tower controller in charge. He says he didn’t see it, but he cleared two aircraft to take off from crossing runways? He’ll be promoted! Also nice the FAA has training wheels on their busiest GA tower.

Thank God that Avanti crew was doing their job.

Good crew, Quick thinking, bet the Cirrus pilot didn’t even notice, he should have been more worried. Of course I would shout at the Cirrus pilot for not being vigilant then shout at the tower :smiley: I’d make the controllers pay for my tires :stuck_out_tongue:.

He’ll be promoted!

Of course, Head of Janitorial Duties.

add one more to the lessons learned category: listen for other takeoff clearances so you can hear potential conflicts long before they actually happen. If either crew had heard the crossing runway departure conflict, they could have avoided even this close call.

I was thinking the same, but I’d be too excited watching probably the fastest turboprop in the world at the same airport (Cirrus) :stuck_out_tongue: and too proud, enjoying the admiration ( Avanti ). :smiley:

I had simular experences at KILG. In fact 3 times in 3 months. A takeoff/takeoff clearence. A landing/takeoff clearence. and a landing/landing clearence. The first 2 we as a crew avoided any incident by delaying our takeoff roll (or aborting 10’ into it) the last required a low energy miss (from about 30’), as we did not see the traffic until we had just about touched down, I bet it would not have been an issue but we did what was prudent. On the last one we were asking ATC all the way in about the traffic and he kept saing it won’t be an issue.

Yes we made phone calls on all 3 occations. Did it change anything? I don’t know, I stopped going there (I was afraid).