N100G Astra SPX runway over-run PDK

N100G a Astra SPX has run off the runway at PDK.

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It’s still sitting there on a trailer in the grass. At least it was about 2 weeks ago.
Poor thing.
NTSB prelim: here

as they touched down, the speed brakes extended, and they realized that they had approximately 1,000 feet of runway remaining.


The linky is brokey.

Maybe they left the plane out there as a friendly reminder to any would be hot dogs.

Thread drift…
Anyone know what happens to these planes? I assume somebody salvages everything useful and sends the rest to the crusher? What about that SWA 737 @ Midway… what happened to that?

FAA Registry , registered owner of N100G. FAA Preliminary Report for accident that occured on September 14, 2007 in Atlanta.

What happens to them, in the case of N100G, it is being offered as salvage, and open to any bidders. Bid Sheet and info to bid on N100G.


N471WN ASN Accident Report , brief description.
NTSB Complete Report 248 page report, note on page 6 of the report, the aircraft is listed as repairable.
The aircraft in question, N471WN constructors number 32471, line number 1535 was approved for re-registration on July 5, 2006 as N286WN, and actually re-registered as N286WN on September 26, 2006.

Thanks Rob… that’s impressive. The planes I fly the most have had major damage so I guess it’s not surprising. Do you have any history on how they repaired that SWA 737?

If I find any info I’ll pass it on.

Boeing and Southwest would have been anxiously awaiting the FAA to release the aircraft.

As Southwest has their own facilities at Midway, and an army of staff that could do anything with a B737, I think it will be difficult to determine a list of repairs too this Boeing. I’m sure it was a hangar Queen for awhile a Midway!

Thanks, that pretty much answers my question. One of the planes I have flown for 15+ years had an incident last summer. I walked into a mx hangar and it was sitting there without a wing… that was kind of a shock to see.

Can’t tell you about that specific plane, but Boeing has ‘SWAT’ teams that fly all over the world to repair major damage to their planes for customers. I met a guy who headed one of the teams and they just live for several months at each site until the plane meets the release specs.

What constitutes an “incident” with the FAA??? Something happened this last March or April (can’t remember exactly when) that EJA723 ran off the end of the runway in KPWA in a terrible thunderstorm. Of course it was all over the news & the guys/men/pilots or line guys were seen from the air (news heli) trying to cover up the tail number.

I never could find any reports on that “incident” anywhere. I also have friends that still hangar & office at the FBO at PWA/Atlantic Aviation - I think was Trajen when the incident happened that said the pilot was hotdogging it trying to land & was really apprehensive about calling HQ/NetJets - they overheard his conversation with them & it was not pleasant.

SO - doesn’t the NTSB have to come out & see why the pilot/aircraft run off the end of the runway. One of the men that offices & used to be a corporate pilot said the aircraft would have to stay at KPWA a week or so & make sure that mud was not up in places it should not be. I was at Hefner Lake a week or so after the incident & saw her/EJA723 doing some test runs - but never ever could find a report on the incident/happening at all.

Can these sort of things not get reported or covered up & how does that happen or how does one get away with such especially when Big Brother is in town??? :unamused: :question: :arrow_right:

CLICK HERE for animated landing of the Southwest Accident.

On October 2nd, 2001 minor cases which do not fall under the definition of “accident” or “incident” were removed from the database, these entries were previously identified with “SA” in the accident number.

FAA Incident definition; An occurrence other than an accident associated with the operation of an aircraft, which affects or could affect the safety of operations.

FAA Accident definition; An occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any persons board an aircraft with the intention of flight and until such time as all persons have disembarked, and in which any person suffers death or serious injury, or in which the aircraft suffers substantial damage.

Here is the 389 page document, “Aircraft accident and incident notification, investigation, and reporting”. FAA pdf which explains the details. FAA Accident/Incident report form, 2 pages.

As for your EJA/Netjets, on 1st March 2007 N640QS/EJA640 a Citation 560XL ran off the runway in Buffalo, was towed out, and reported minor damage.

On 16 March 2007 N729QS/EJA729 a Galaxy 200 while landing at White Plains HPN slid off the departure end of the runway and became stuck in the snow and mud. No reported injuries, 4 on board, and the airport was closed for several hours.

As for other Netjets , they are reported, but are not in the database that is accessible by “us”. There is a fee you may pay to do searches with the FAA, other than that you can always email them a question, you never know. FAA Email to address a question .

Thank you Rob for all the info & contact info - it will be put to good use for sure. 8)