Retired southwest airlines planes?

Looking to find out where SWA retires planes to? I’ve looked on google and can’t find where they retire their planes to. I flew on n315sw last Aug. and heard from another site that it was to be retired this past Nov. 2011 and I can’t find any info that it was retired when doing a reg. search and if it was were did it go to be broke up/ sold?

Mojave Ca., Marana & Goodyear Az. and Roswell NM are the most likely places.

Download these zipped files

Search for Southwest after opening the Excel files in these zipped files

Searching for 2H4, 3H4, 5H4, and 7H4 will catch most of the aircraft.

I believe they sell their planes.

NOT all are sold.
Some are returned to the lessor.
Some are scrapped.
At least on is at a Dallas area museum.

Thank you for all the replies. So they or the lessors do not use one specific boneyard? Still searching for N315sw status!

Per the spreadsheet in the 1st ZIP file in my posting above, N315SW and … rtxt=315sw the aircraft is still owned by Wells Fargo

There we a few at various times at Tucson, KTUS, on the west side sandwiched between 3/21 and 11/29. I don’t know the name of the company there, but they refurbish and sell the aircraft off to others or part them out.

On Google Earth, the 2011 coverage shows at least one WN 737 there on the NW corner of the company I mentioned above. coordinates are: Lat: 32-07-41.82 by long: - 110-57-33.0. Appears like it is a 737-3H3.