New Aircraft Displaying on the Airport Activity Maps

Has anyone else noticed the new aircraft recently displaying on the airport activity maps? They only display an N-number, altitude, & airspeed, and when you click on the aircraft there is no other info. I was just wondering if these are VFR aircraft or is flightaware trying to incorporate more ADS-B aircraft into their flight tracker? I have noticed some of these aircraft might be Southwest Airlines aircraft and possibly helicopters.

Thank you!

might be Southwest Airlines aircraft and possibly helicopters.

So, Southwest Airlines has helicopters now?

Yes, we’re working to incorporate more aircraft without flight plans, and will be improving the features over the coming weeks. The current behavior is sort of a side effect of that work.

You’re right that sometimes Southwest Airlines flights show up twice due to an incorrectly programmed transponder.

Sounds like a great feature! I have a question, is this new feature why some Southwest Airlines flights display as departed when they are actually not yet enroute? I have noticed this with many Southwest flights over the last few weeks.