N406FJ and N419FJ

Does anyone who who these belong to? They’ve been operating a daily shuttles between Charlotte and Richmond to St. Louis downtown (CPS) for quite some time now. Both are Dornier 328’s, formerly Delta aircraft.


I know that 419FJ is often leased by Harrah’s Casino in Tahoe. They fly a lot to Minden, NV. In fact, most of that bird’s maintenance is done out there at Minden.


registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … dfind.y=11

registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry … dfind.y=20



These two, along with 7 other DoJets, are operated by Ultimate Jet Charters.

N429FJ was here in Modesto earlier in the week. Last month were host to N407FJ. I think all of Ultimate Leasing’s Dornier’s have been through here at one time or another.

The St. Louis/Harrah’s thing makes sense… there are river casinos right in downtown St. Louis, MO and E. St. Louis, IL, so it makes sense that these may be gambling charter junkets.

The CPS runs were NOT for gambling.

Its wachovia flying higher ups back and forth to work everyday. They use to fly in a couple times a week but recently they have been flying a whole lot.

To clarify:

It was rarely higher ups.

The shuttle runs have been cancelled.

How do you know they’ve been canceled? The flights are now blocked.

He seems to have some inside info but doesn’t want to spill it. He is giving it up in bits and pieces over the last year.

Maybe tomorrow he’ll give up a little more.

Occupation: Captain - DoJet

From his user profile.

Yeup, I’m a Captain for the company who was flying those shuttles.

We currently have 10 DoJets. The tail numbers are blocked because the company wants to keep what we’re doing a bit more private.

The CPS runs were indeed for Wachovia, shuttling employees working on the previous merger process. Wells Fargo came along and cut the shuttles, presumably to save money.