Can someone tell me what these flight plans might correlate with? They look like shuttle/maintenance flights but are using flight numbers that correspond with their United Express flights. Found this when I saw it pop up leaving KSYR this morning.


You mean the ones from STL to STL? You are probably right on track, either maintenance or training flights.
Airlines will assign what look like flight numbers for all flights including ferry, maintenance, training etc. for their internal use. It keeps all flights on the same page so to speak. Having said that, using the same first digit as a regular scheduled flight is a bit strange, usually they will assign a different first number depending on the type of flight, 0,1,2 for regular scheduled flights, 3 for ferry, 4 maintenance, 5 charter etc., just off the top of my head.
However it is possible there are not enough United Express codes available to let them do that.

John in Saudi

Thanks for the info. I was looking at the STL-STL but then every week or two there is a point to point flight (SYR-STL, ORD-STL) that caught my eye. I’ll go ahead and assume it’s maintenance. Thanks!