N-numbers for an old flight

I am collecting the N-numbers for all my flights. Unfortunatelly I started doing this late and I am missing a few early ones. I have 150 flights and I’m missing 9!

I have gathered the tail numbers from a variety of sources and websites after countless hours spread over years, including one from a planspotters photo taken at the right time at the right airport of the right plane.

I found out that with enough information you can pull out the page of your flight from FlightAware. I did this for 4 of my missing flights. Unfortunately to get the N-numbers you need a $90/month Enterprise account. That’s a steep price to pay for 4 tail numbers and for what in the end is just a hobby.

I am not sure if I’m allowed to do this, but I’m going to do it anyway. This is my list of flights, if someone with a paid account is kind enough to pull out the tail numbers I will be grateful.

The other 5 I cnnot find pages for:

2 are Malév flights in 2011, Malév went bankrupt soon after
2 are Tarom in 2010
1 is Emirates in 2010